About Us

Our History

Based in Gravina in Puglia, in the heart of the famous Murgia District, Bari. Merolladivani was founded more than 10 years ago from 3 brothers. Thanks to their devotion and the contribution of the most valid craftsmen in the region, Merolladivani is one of the leading companies in the industry.


Today the company is one of the few in the area directed by its founders. Merolladivani is located in Gravina di Puglia, a special place rich in history and tradition, where the passion and pride of their work is an integral part of everyone's life. Located in the sofas district, famous in the world, Merolladivani combines the best craftsmanship of the area. Our company is committed to provide good service to his customers, fast delivery and a good flow of information.


With his mind always focused on high quality standards and details, Merolladivani is a result of a perfect balance of modernity and traditional handmade work. Every stitch, every fold is masterfully worked in order to produce the best product possible.


Each piece produced is the result of tradition and innovation. All models of our collection reflect the Italian style, experience, high quality and good service. The brand Merolladivani is therefore synonymous of high design, comfort and convenience.


Merolladivani’s product is an investment for your future. Thanks to the hard work of his employees, Merolladivani is able to offers a premium product at a competitive price.


For small or large orders, Merolladivani dedicates the same attention and devotion, in order to provide good service to his customers. The careful selection of raw materials and the love for their work enables the company to offer excellent quality at competitive prices.